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SV Kolbermoor shutdown

nik/ March 14, 2020/ Training

With immediate effect, all SV DJK training facilities and classes are shut down by agreement between the board and town, so unfortunately no Aikido until further notice. Watch this space!

Training during Fasching holiday

nik/ February 19, 2020/ Training

Next week is holiday again. Training as follows: Thursday 27.2 2000 – 2200 Turneralm (downstairs) Sunday 1.3 1000 – 1200 Turneralm We can now put the mats back downstairs. If we can all join in after class on Sunday then it won’t take long.  That means, after the holiday

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Monday Training & Sunday 16 February

nik/ February 10, 2020/ Kurse, Training

Building works started downstairs in the Turneralm Last week, so our mats have been removed to one of the outside garages.  Therefore we have to cancel Monday training until further notice. I have no further info as to how long the works will last but remain in contact with

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Training over the Christmas Holidays

nik/ December 20, 2019/ Training

We will allow ourselves a short break over the holiday, but also a little training: Sunday, 29.12., 1000 Friday, 3.1., 1900 Sunday, 5.1., 1000   All sessions in the Turneralm! To everybody, merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Training during the holiday week

nik/ October 27, 2019/ Seminar, Training

Training next week is: Tuesday, 2000, Turneralm Wednesday, 0830, Turneralm Thursday and Friday we take a small break so that everybody is fit for the seminar with Pascal at the weekend 2nd/3rd November! Saturday evening, we eat all together at Milano.

Training after this week

nik/ September 9, 2019/ Training

Because holiday/back to school is today (9.9) and tomorrow (10.9) – NO training. Otherwise, from this week normal training times apply: Monday, 2000, Feuerwehrturnhalle Wednesday, 0830, Turneralm Thursday, 2000, Feuerwehrturnhalle Friday, 1830, Feuerwehrturnhalle Sunday, 1000, Turneralm (Weapons)

Wattens 2020/No training Sunday 1.9

nik/ August 23, 2019/ Kurse, Training

Great course in Wattens, for next year dates will be 22 . 27 August. Normal holiday training times now until 10 September except Sunday 1st – no training.

Training during Wattens seminar

nik/ August 17, 2019/ Training

Since most of us are in Wattens, no training on: Sunday, 18.8. Tuesday, 20.8. Thursday, 22.8. Wednesday morning continues as normal.

Training Plan for the Summer Holidays

nik/ July 24, 2019/ Training

Beginning Sunday 28th July: Sunday 1000 – 1200 Tuesday 2000 – 2200 Wednesday 0830 – 1000 Thursday 2000 – 2200 All sessions in the Turneralm!  

Pentecost Holiday

nik/ June 9, 2019/ Training

During Pentecost, training as follows: Thursday, 13.6. – 2000 Sunday, 16.6. – 1000 Monday, 17.6. – 2000 Sunday, 23.6. – 1000 All sessions in the Turneralm. Best wishes for Pentecost and for those that are travelling, have a good holiday!

Monday Training

nik/ April 29, 2019/ Training

From Today, we are back in the Feuerwehrturnhalle. Training venues as follows: Sunday – Turneralm Monday, Thursday & Friday – Feuerwehrturnhalle Times remain unchanged!

Friday 8 February

nik/ February 7, 2019/ Training

Because of illness, unfortunately, no training Friday. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed for Sunday, otherwise we will circulate a message.      

Monday training is back

nik/ January 21, 2019/ Training

Monday training begins again on 28 January in the downstairs course room, 2000 – 2200.  

Training from 7 January 2019

nik/ January 5, 2019/ Training

We hope everybody had a good New Year.  With the holidays over normal winter training times resume: Thursday 2000-2200 in the Fire Brigade Gym Friday 1830-2030 in the Fire Brigade Gym Sunday 1000-1200 in the Turneralm        

Training over the Christmas Holidays

nik/ December 14, 2018/ Training

During the holiday (24.12. – 6.1.) training will take place on Fridays and Sundays: Friday 28.12., 19 – 2100, Turneralm (basement) Sunday, 30.12., 10 – 1200, Turneralm (Spiegelsaal) Friday, 4.1., 19 – 2100, Turneralm (basement) Sunday, 6.1., 10 – 1200, Turneralm (Spiegelsaal)

No Training Friday

nik/ November 8, 2018/ Kurse, Training

This week training is as normal on Thursday (9.11). On Friday evening we will pickup Pascal at the airport and therefore unfortunately have to miss training.