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Normal training resumed

nik/ September 13, 2021/ Training

Next week we are back to the old training times: Tuesday 2000 Mareissaal Friday 2000 Turneralm Sunday 1000 Turneralm Note! Cancelled training days: Tuesday 14th September, evening event in the Mareissaal Sunday 26th September, the Turneralm is on duty as polling station In October the Turnhalle should be ready,

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Summer Holiday Training

nik/ July 28, 2021/ Training

From next week over the holiday training is as follows: Tuesday 2000 Thursday 2000 Sunday 1000 Weapons All sessions are in the Turneralm!

Friday 23rd July – No Practice

nik/ July 21, 2021/ Training

Since many have already said they cannot come to training, we will skip this Friday. On Sunday, Brigitte and I will in any case be in the Turneralm at 1000.    

Full training curriculum resumed!

nik/ June 14, 2021/ News, Training, Uncategorized

First class is tomorrow in the Mareissaal at 2000. Tuesday, 2000-2200, Mareissaal Friday, 2000-2200, Turneralm, downstairs Sunday, 1000-1200, Turneralm Spiegelsaal (Weapons) We have some catching up to do!

Lockdown again

nik/ October 30, 2020/ Training

Firstly, we will continue with training this week: Friday 2000 Turnealm Sunday 1000 Turneralm Then regrettably once again “freetime sport” is cancelled. This is a great shame as the whole SV has had no cases reported thanks to good hygiene and disciplined members. Optimistically, we hope that the restriction

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Tuesday 6 October – no training

nik/ October 4, 2020/ Training

Unfortunately, the Mareisaal is already occupied on Tuesday 6th, so no training possible that evening. Friday as normal, Turneralm 2000.    

Change of training sessions

nik/ September 7, 2020/ Training

Because the Turnhalle remains out of action we have to once again shuffle training times: Sunday: no change Tuesday 2000 – 2200 in the Maraissaal Thursday: cancelled Friday 2000 – 2200 Turneralm downstairs FROM 2nd OCTOBER

Training times & holiday changes

nik/ July 14, 2020/ Training

With immediate effect, trainingtimes are now: Tuesdays 1900 – 2100 Maraissaal (until 21st July) Thursdays 2000 – 2200 SVDJK Turneralm downstairs Sundays 1000 – 1200 SVDJK Turneralm Spiegelsaal – weapons From 28th July Tuesdays will change to: 2000 – 2200 SVDJK Turneralm downstairs    

Training in the maraissaal

nik/ June 30, 2020/ Training

For the moment, training is only on Tuesdays 1900 – 2100. Please bring your weapons. So actually, Training times are: Sundays 1000 – 1200 Tuesdays 1900 – 2100    

Training resumption Sunday 21 June, 1000 – 1200

nik/ June 14, 2020/ Training

We start normal Sunday training again in the Turneralm, 21 June at 1000. Please note the following hygiene regulations: – we can train without masks, so long as the 1.5m distance is kept, so should be no problem with weapons. – anybody who for their own security wants to

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Training Resumption!

nik/ June 11, 2020/ Training

The Sportsverein is preparing to resume training from next week. Since the fire brigade gymnasium is no longer available, our times have changed: Sunday, 10 a.m. Turneralm (as always) Monday and Tuesday evening in the Mareissaal (same building as Milano) We will post exact times and hygiene rules at

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SV Kolbermoor shutdown

nik/ March 14, 2020/ Training

With immediate effect, all SV DJK training facilities and classes are shut down by agreement between the board and town, so unfortunately no Aikido until further notice. Watch this space!

Training during Fasching holiday

nik/ February 19, 2020/ Training

Next week is holiday again. Training as follows: Thursday 27.2 2000 – 2200 Turneralm (downstairs) Sunday 1.3 1000 – 1200 Turneralm We can now put the mats back downstairs. If we can all join in after class on Sunday then it won’t take long.  That means, after the holiday

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Monday Training & Sunday 16 February

nik/ February 10, 2020/ Kurse, Training

Building works started downstairs in the Turneralm Last week, so our mats have been removed to one of the outside garages.  Therefore we have to cancel Monday training until further notice. I have no further info as to how long the works will last but remain in contact with

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Training over the Christmas Holidays

nik/ December 20, 2019/ Training

We will allow ourselves a short break over the holiday, but also a little training: Sunday, 29.12., 1000 Friday, 3.1., 1900 Sunday, 5.1., 1000   All sessions in the Turneralm! To everybody, merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Training during the holiday week

nik/ October 27, 2019/ Seminar, Training

Training next week is: Tuesday, 2000, Turneralm Wednesday, 0830, Turneralm Thursday and Friday we take a small break so that everybody is fit for the seminar with Pascal at the weekend 2nd/3rd November! Saturday evening, we eat all together at Milano.