“When the enemy attacks, I am already standing behind him” – Ueshiba Morihei  (1883 – 1969)


Reviewing technique after December 2018 grading. Thanks to Nicolas Difiori for the use of the video!

In the film “Aikido Interviews” from the Aikido Federation Germany, Aikidoka explain their reasons and motivations during everyday practice (German only).

Sportsverein Kolbermoor 150 year anniversary demonstration with Aikido Toho Iai, kenjutsu, tachi-dori, tanto-dori, taijutsu and ladies self-defence. Our thanks to Andrea Hörning for the use of this video!

Gyaku-hamni Sankyo to Kaitennage

Yokomen uchi – Koshi nage Variation

Gyaku-hamni Ikkyo using tegatana