Next week: normal training times

nik/ June 18, 2022/ Training

Please note – holidays are over, so next week training again as follows: Monday, 2000, Feuerwehrturnhalle Thursday, 2000, Feuerwehrturnhalle Sunday, 1000, Turneralm (Waffen)

Training after the holiday

nik/ April 24, 2022/ Training

Next week, back to normal training times: Monday, 2000 Thursday, 2000 all in the Turnhalle. Sunday, 1000 – Turneralm Unfortunately, I am still limping so no class tomorrow, but Thursday I should be mat fit again…..

No Training 21.4

nik/ April 21, 2022/ Training

We have to cancel training tonight as nik has sprained his foot and Brigitte is on call for work.

Sunday 17 April

nik/ April 15, 2022/ Training

Because of the holiday, no training on Easter Sunday. Next class: Tuesday 19th 2000 in the Turneralm. We wish everybody a good Easter!  

Easter Training

nik/ April 10, 2022/ Training

Over the holiday, training as follows: Tuesday – 2000 Thursday – 2000 Sunday – 1000 all classes in the Turneralm.

Back to Practice!

nik/ February 19, 2022/ Training

Restrictions are relaxed back to LFTs so we can begin practice again, starting Sunday 20th: Sunday 1000 – 1200  Turneralm (Weapons) Thursday 2000 – 2200 Feuerwehr Turnhalle        

AGM Invitation & agenda 18.11

nik/ November 2, 2021/ News

If anyone has anything they would like to raise, please mail Brigitte in advance. At present, Thomas and Brigitte are the club representatives and are happy to continue. However, neither have any objection if anybody else would like to stand for election.

Normal training resumed

nik/ September 13, 2021/ Training

Next week we are back to the old training times: Tuesday 2000 Mareissaal Friday 2000 Turneralm Sunday 1000 Turneralm Note! Cancelled training days: Tuesday 14th September, evening event in the Mareissaal Sunday 26th September, the Turneralm is on duty as polling station In October the Turnhalle should be ready,

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Summer Holiday Training

nik/ July 28, 2021/ Training

From next week over the holiday training is as follows: Tuesday 2000 Thursday 2000 Sunday 1000 Weapons All sessions are in the Turneralm!

Friday 23rd July – No Practice

nik/ July 21, 2021/ Training

Since many have already said they cannot come to training, we will skip this Friday. On Sunday, Brigitte and I will in any case be in the Turneralm at 1000.    

Haris Tanjo – promoted Shodan

nik/ June 28, 2021/ Gradings, News

Many congratulations to Haris who achieved Shodan on Saturday even after what has been an especially difficult time for training. A big thank you to all our students who have worked with Haris over the years – our first completely Kolbermoor Aikido trained beginner to dan grade.    

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Full training curriculum resumed!

nik/ June 14, 2021/ News, Training, Uncategorized

First class is tomorrow in the Mareissaal at 2000. Tuesday, 2000-2200, Mareissaal Friday, 2000-2200, Turneralm, downstairs Sunday, 1000-1200, Turneralm Spiegelsaal (Weapons) We have some catching up to do!