Grading 29th February

congratulations to all who graded yesterday evening:

1. Kyu 
Bernhard Wagner

5. Kyu
Clive Armitage
Hildtrud Müller-Fehn
Maria Neustätter
Uwe Neddermeyer
Rafael Fliehmann

Well done to all!

Kyu grading 8th December

On Thursday 8th December we will hold a kyu grading followed by food and celebration at Milano’s.

Please confirm attendance by beginning of December!






Haris Tanjo – promoted Shodan

Many congratulations to Haris who achieved Shodan on Saturday even after what has been an especially difficult time for training.

A big thank you to all our students who have worked with Haris over the years – our first completely Kolbermoor Aikido trained beginner to dan grade.




Grading 8 November

A good grading yesterday in which all candidates passed at a good standard:

Haris – 1. Kyu
Bernhard – 3. Kyu
Wolfgang – 3. Kyu

Congratulations to all – carry on!


Grading 8 November

The next Kyu grading session will take place:

Friday, 8. November 2019 1830.

Concentrated training for gradings will be Fridays, though everybody is of course welcome even if not grading.

Those wishing to grade please speak to Nik, Thomas or Brigitte.




Grading 14 December 2018

The next grading will be 14 December at 1830 in the Fire Brigade Gym.
Afterwards we shall all repair to Milano for food and drinks, please let Brigitte know if you wish to attend so we can reserve a table.

Grading 19 January

Once again, all participants passed their test and congratulations to all candidates:

Julius Mayer: 3.Kyu
Bernhardt Wagner: 4.Kyu
Wolfgang Wolf: 4.Kyu


From the 15 December examination, we congratulate all successful candidates:

Martin Büttner – 3. Kyu
Lizzy Puppe – 3. Kyu
Haris Tanjo – 3. Kyu
Björn Brötz – 3. Kyu

The 4. Kyu examination will be held Friday 19. January at 1800 in the Feuerwehrturnhalle.

Afterwards, we will again meet in Milano, please reserve a place with Brigitte, all members welcome.

Kyu Grading, Friday 15 December at 1800

Friday 15 December from 1800 in the Fire Brigade Gym, Rainerstraße. Please speak with nik if you want grade.
Concluding with beer and food in Milano’s, Kolbermoor – all club members welcome, please let Brigitte know that you are coming so we can reserve places.