Summer holidays and Paul Müller/Wattens

From 12th – 17th August is once again the summer seminar with Paul Müller in Wattens :

On the 12th & 13th we’ll drive down for the morning class, eat afterwards and return. We have space for members available in two cars, please contact Brigitte or Tanja if interested. Bernhard & Frank are already booked!

For weekday attendance, please speak further as we have to confirm actual travel days.

Training in Kolbermoor:

No Training in Kolbermoor during the Wattens seminar week (12th – 20th)!

For the rest of the holidays, normal training times but note Thursdays until 7th September in the Turneralm.

Best wishes for a good Sunday and the holidays!

Monday Training & Sunday 16 February

Building works started downstairs in the Turneralm Last week, so our mats have been removed to one of the outside garages.  Therefore we have to cancel Monday training until further notice.

I have no further info as to how long the works will last but remain in contact with Karin Maier of the Geschäftstelle.  She hopes that the works will not last long.  As soon as we can move the mats back we can start Monday training again.  I will keep you informed.

Remember also that next weekend we have the AFD Regional Seminar with Xavier Raphael. Sunday training will be in the Fuerwehrturnhalle!





No Training Friday

This week training is as normal on Thursday (9.11). On Friday evening we will pickup Pascal at the airport and therefore unfortunately have to miss training.



August Training

In August, no training on Thursdays but otherwise as normal:
Friday, 19 – 21 Uhr
Sunday, 10 – 11.30 Uhr
Both in the Turneralm as usual.
Don’t forget the course with Paul Muller in Wattens 19-24 August.
Brigitte and I will drive down most days, but will not stay on for all the evening sessions. Speak to either of us if you’d like to travel with us.