21-26 May is the Pentecost holiday. Training as normal except

Sunday 20th – no training.

In June:

Tuesday 18th, 1800 is the new citizen reception and we are planning as last year:

10 minute presentation by the children’s group/Tanja

10 minutes adult sword/jo/taijutsu

This will only take place if the weather is fine, otherwise Tuesday training as normal in the Turneralm.

Summer holidays and Paul Müller/Wattens

From 12th – 17th August is once again the summer seminar with Paul Müller in Wattens :

On the 12th & 13th we’ll drive down for the morning class, eat afterwards and return. We have space for members available in two cars, please contact Brigitte or Tanja if interested. Bernhard & Frank are already booked!

For weekday attendance, please speak further as we have to confirm actual travel days.

Training in Kolbermoor:

No Training in Kolbermoor during the Wattens seminar week (12th – 20th)!

For the rest of the holidays, normal training times but note Thursdays until 7th September in the Turneralm.

Best wishes for a good Sunday and the holidays!

Sunday 25 & Tuesday 27th June – no training

No training on Sunday ( it seems everybody is away).

Tuesday 27th June is the new citizen reception in Kolbermoor, where the club will introduce itself. We will make a demonstration, so again, no training, but anybody who would like to come to the reception is welcome. Also, it’s good if we as a division are available as publicity.

From Thursday 29th, back to normal training!

Training times change

We have obtained a slot in the new Koordinationsraum in the Turneralm so we can change our training times as follows:

Tuesday 2000-2200 Koordinationsraum Turneralm
Thursday  2000-2200 Feuerwehrturnhalle (no change)
Sunday, 1000-1200, Spiegelsaal Turneralm (no change)

No class on Mondays, but on Tuesday we do not have to shift mats!

Best wishes

Children’s classes!

From January we have the ability to offer children’s training under the lead of Tanja – see the attached flyer.
Please share with interested parents, teachers, colleagues…!!!

Christmas Holidays

Today, 22.12 is the last training before the holidays – 2000 Feuerwehrturnhalle.

Over Christmas we’ll take a break, then in the New Year:

Tuesday, 3.1.23,
Thursday, 5.1.23

each 2000 – 2200 Turneralm.  With luck, in the new Coordinations Room so we won’t have to move mats.😊

From Sunday 8.1, we resume with normal training.

If we don’t see you before then best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!

Nik & Brigitte

Tomorrow: no weapons training!

As the “hard core” is not coming tomorrow, nik & I will also sleep in – therefore no weapons training.

From Monday, business as usual!

We wish everybody a good weekend!

Training week 23-30 October

From 23-27 October, no training since we are all the Tissier course in Berlin.

Next training is Sunday 30.10 @ 1000 in the Turneralm.

WRT training times in the autumn holiday, I will post arrangements shortly.

Good weekend


Summer end

Next week, training on Tuesday again, 2000 Turneralm.

From Thursday 15th, back in the Feuerwehrturnhalle.

To all back from holiday, a good return to work and we’ll see each other on the mat, hopefully well refreshed!

Summer Holiday Training

our training days over the holidays (from 30.7.22):

Tuesday, 2000
Thursday, 2000
Sunday, 1000

All sessions in the Turneralm – Tuesday/Thursday downstairs, Sunday in the Spiegelsaal.

In mid August Paul Muller is in Wattens again.  Details I will post shortly.  During that course I may have to cancel some of our sessions in Kolbermoor, details I’ll post as occurring.

To everybody travelling have a great time, otherwise, hopefully see you  on the mat!