Holiday weekend training break

Over the holiday weekend all teachers are in Berlin for the course with Christian Tisser, therefore no training from Friday 29.9 to Monday 2.10. From Thursday 5.10 training back to normal.
Thursday 28.9, also training as usual.

Monday training

Given the interest in advanced Monday training, we start next Monday 18 September at 2000 in the Fire Brigade Gym, Rainerstraße.
Unfortunately we only have the slot until the Herbstferien as then the Winter allocation plan comes into effect and the time is allocated. Meanwhile, we’ll keep our eyes open for an alternative.

Autumn Training

From September 11 training times as follows:

Thursday 2000 – 2200 Fire Brigade Gym (as previously)


Friday 2000 – 2200 Fire Brigade Gym (earlier and change of venue!)

Sunday 1000 – 1130 Turneralm (as previously)
Note that Friday we start 1 hour earlier, so that afterwards we can take the opportunity for a social beer and chat if so inclined.
From 18 September until end October we also have the opportunity to train from 2000 – 2200 in the Fire Brigade Gym.  Let us know if interested.
 Please also keep clear the date for the course with Pascal Durchon:  11/12 November (Sa / So).  Details to follow in the next couple of weeks.
Otherwise we hope you all had a good summer and are on form!