Haris Tanjo – promoted Shodan

Many congratulations to Haris who achieved Shodan on Saturday even after what has been an especially difficult time for training.

A big thank you to all our students who have worked with Haris over the years – our first completely Kolbermoor Aikido trained beginner to dan grade.




Full training curriculum resumed!

First class is tomorrow in the Mareissaal at 2000.

Tuesday, 2000-2200, Mareissaal
Friday, 2000-2200, Turneralm, downstairs
Sunday, 1000-1200, Turneralm Spiegelsaal (Weapons)

We have some catching up to do!

Training Resumption!

After new regulations, we can now at least begin weapons training.

First class, Sunday 13.6.21 at 1000 in the Turneralm, as usual.

Same hygiene rules as before the lockdown.