Training during Fasching holiday

Next week is holiday again. Training as follows:

Thursday 27.2 2000 – 2200 Turneralm (downstairs)

Sunday 1.3 1000 – 1200 Turneralm

We can now put the mats back downstairs. If we can all join in after class on Sunday then it won’t take long.  That means, after the holiday we can resume Monday training.

Workshop Event Gröbenzell, Saturday 25 April 2020 – Postponed

Update 22 March: Given the current situation, the workshop event is postponed indefinitely.

Here the poster for this year’s Workshop Event in Gröbenzell (close to Munich). Last year the Workshop were well attended and a great success. We hope that also this year many interested Aikidoka will take part.

The timetable for the various workshops:


Monday Training & Sunday 16 February

Building works started downstairs in the Turneralm Last week, so our mats have been removed to one of the outside garages.  Therefore we have to cancel Monday training until further notice.

I have no further info as to how long the works will last but remain in contact with Karin Maier of the Geschäftstelle.  She hopes that the works will not last long.  As soon as we can move the mats back we can start Monday training again.  I will keep you informed.

Remember also that next weekend we have the AFD Regional Seminar with Xavier Raphael. Sunday training will be in the Fuerwehrturnhalle!