Training resumption Sunday 21 June, 1000 – 1200

We start normal Sunday training again in the Turneralm, 21 June at 1000.
Please note the following hygiene regulations:
– we can train without masks, so long as the 1.5m distance is kept, so should be no problem with weapons.
– anybody who for their own security wants to wear a mask, no problem
– masks need to be worn for entering and leaving the Spiegalsaal and for the toilets
– showers and changing rooms remain closed, so please arrive in uniform.  Hakama put on in the Spiegalsaal observing distance restriction.
– to start with we can only train for up to 1 hour, then 20 minute airing. So 45-20-45 pattern.
– where possible use your own weapons, communal weapons must be disinfected
– hand hygiene observed, naturally
– anybody feeling ill (cough/fever etc) or in contact/quarantine please do not come to training
– so long as minimum distance can be observed up to 20 people per session can train
– We need to maintain attendee lists with contact details.
Further sessions: we are still waiting for confirmation on times/availability for the Maraissaal which will be posted once we know details.